4 Things You May Not Know About Budgeting

Budget your finances.

While most of us understand the basic concept of having a budget and sticking to it, there are many misconceptions about budgeting that keep people from implementing one. Let’s address the most common things that you may not know about budgeting.

1. It’s not that difficult.

The prospect of frugality frightens many people and we instantly think that we’re going to be deprived and that it will be difficult to keep to our budget. Often, this leads to abandoning the idea all together. However, your budget doesn’t have to be terribly strict, or hard to follow. You can even budget in certain items to ensure that you don’t feel deprived. Here’s a quick tip: Allow yourself a little wiggle room at the end of the month to treat yourself to something special. This is a great incentive that can help you stick to your budget each month.

2. You can’t spend more than you earn.

This is a major problem for thousands of people and many may not even realize that they are doing it. The bottom line is – if you spend more than you earn you’re going to find yourself in deep financial trouble. A budget can help bring you in line and assist you in realizing just how much you make and how much is going out the door every month. Once you get a better idea of how much you really spend, your budget can be very beneficial in keeping you financially solvent.

3. Budgets are not hard to work up.

Although many are under the impression that working up a budget requires special software or templates, in actuality, you can do it with a pen and a piece of paper. The first step towards setting a budget is writing down how much you make every month. Then, catalog how much you want to spend. You may find it helpful to keep a log of all of your expenses for one month to get a better idea of what areas need to be addressed in your budget. Don’t let the prospect of setting up a budget intimidate you. Anyone can do it, and you don’t need special tools.

4. Your budget doesn’t have to be the same every month.

As you get your finances in order, chances are you’re going to be able to free up some extra cash each month. Our bills aren’t always the same and your budget shouldn’t be either. Taking the time to customize your budget every month will help you get a better idea of what you’re looking at and you’ll be able to plan ahead.

Budgeting is not difficult, and really only takes a few minutes of your time every month. For many, it’s the part about sticking to a budget that is the hardest to accomplish. However, you can train yourself and once you do get into the habit of using a budget, chances are you’ll find it easier each month.

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