Are Stocks a Good Investment?

The first step that you need to understand when it comes to determining whether or not stocks are a good investment is to understand how stocks work in general. A share of stock is the smallest unit of ownership possible in a company. Owning a share of a company’s stock essentially makes you a partial owner of said company. Determining whether or not stocks are a good investment is not easy as a whole, because some stocks do make good investments while others do not. Determining whether a specific stock is a good investment or not is a completely different matter, because it depends on the company the stock belongs to, the industry that they are in, the market in general, and numerous other factors as well.

Do you thumbs up or thumbs down stock investments?

If you are thinking about investing in stocks and you want to know if stocks are a good investment or not, consider this:

Common stock represents the majority of the stock that is held by the public, offering voting rights and the right to share when it comes to dividends. When you hear or read about “stocks” and the stock market, the stocks they are referring to are common stocks. Preferred stock on the other hand offers fewer rights than common stock except for when it comes to dividends. Companies which issue preferred stock pay consistent dividends, and preferred stock has the first call on any dividends over common stock.

Investors tend to buy preferred stock for the current income from dividends, so it would be wise for you to look for companies that are earning big profits, because then preferred stock can be used to return some of those profits through dividends.

Liquidity is another benefit of common stocks. They are highly liquid in most circumstances. Small and more obscure companies may not necessarily trade on a frequent basis, but most large companies are trading almost daily, which creates ample opportunity for you to buy or to sell shares. Thanks to the stock market, you can now buy or sell the shares of most companies that are traded publicly almost any day that the market is open.

With a good working knowledge of stocks and the stock market, stocks could be a good investment worth considering. However, if you do now have a good knowledge of how the stock market works, you may be better off choosing an investment vehicle with more security behind it. The recent downturn of the stock market is a good example of what is possible, but while it is frightening many stock traders and threatening some jobs, it is not the end of the world. Most savvy stock investors know when to get out, and when to stay in – And this is powerful knowledge if you want to make the most out of a stock portfolio. Stocks can be risky, and may not always be a safe bet, but they can be a good investment vehicle if you invest in the right companies and at the right time.

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