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Loanio Roundup – Congratulations President-Elect Obama

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

President-Elect Obama

Loanio extends its congratulations to President-Elect Obama for running an excellent campaign.

This week’s edition of Loanio’s roundup takes a look at the election and what it means for the economy. What are your thoughts to the issues? We’ve also included several links for business entrepreneurs and on p2p lending for your weekend reading.

The Economy and the Election:

  • The American Banker says Election Results Impact Banking Committees.
  • Kiplinger presents these 5 Lessons From the Emerging-Markets Meltdown.
  • FT proclaims Markets sceptical on value of G20 meeting
  • Market Watch talks on taxes and says Year-end planning a little more urgent
  • Top challenge: Jobs explains CNN Money.
  • Stocks plunge anew as recession worries resurface writes Yahoo! Finance.
  • Business Week posts Wall Street’s Election Letdown

Small Business:

  • Small Biz Survival posts Small Business is Driving, Now.
  • Why it’s a great time to be a small business owner writes Make Mine Pink.
  • Here are Top 5 Ways To Help Your Small Business Thrive During A Down Economy by Pay Simple Blog.
  • Here are some Hispanic Small Business Grants at Hispanic Grants.
  • Pro Media Blog writes Email Newsletters & Email Strategy for Small Business & Home Offices
  • Bplans says learn How to write a business plan.

Peer-to-Peer Lending:

  • Diversity Blogs publishes Banking 2.0 (Or At Least a Start)
  • The Credit Infocenter blogs Prosperity of Person-2-Person Lending in Jeopardy
  • Here’s a post on P2P Innovation & the credit crunch by the Better Banking Blog.
  • NPR on Peer Lending Spreads In Tight Credit Market
  • Student Lending Analytics writes Peer to Peer Lending With a Twist: People Capital

Loanio in the News:

  • Free Signal posts P2P Lender Prosper Closes Marketplace to Lenders; Loanio Unaffected for Now

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Teens Saving Money

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Help your teen build strong money management skills.

One of the best ways to build a strong financial foundation in teens is by starting a savings plan early on. Over the past few years, there have been more teens saving money and the results are clear. When you take the time to teach good financial practices to your children, these skills will carry them through life, helping them to build up a nest egg that they can rely on in the future. If you want to start your kids down this financial path, here are a few tips on how to get your teens saving money now.

1. Set up a reward system.

At first, before the benefits start to kick in, your child may need some extra incentive to start saving money. Try setting up either a reward once they reach a certain dollar amount, or you may even want to offer to match their savings, dollar by dollar. This is a great way to get your teens saving money and offers them some real incentive, as well as hard evidence, that saving is very beneficial. Even if you only add a few dollars to their account at a time, this extra money will help them get motivated and stay focused.

2. Start discussing sound financial principles with your child.

Once you’ve got your teens saving money, it’s a great time to start talking about setting financial goals, and working on the follow through. For example, you can ask your child to set a goal as to what they would like to be able to buy, that they cannot afford right now. This helps them see the value of the hard work they are putting in towards saving for that item and once again, will keep them motivated. However, it is important that they understand that spending all that they have saved up isn’t the best solution and that they should have long term goals, as well as short term goals.

3. Take them to the next level.

Once you have your teens saving money and they are learning more about goal setting, you can take their lessons to the next level by incorporating information about setting up more than one stream of income. Help them to set up a portfolio, use a p2p lending service like Loanio to lend money, or open a high yield savings account for them so that they can start to watch their money grow. This is also a good time to start talking about investments with your teen, even if they can’t quite make their own just yet.

4. Get them interested in continuing education.

One of the best ways to get your teens saving money is by teaching them how the stock market works and how they can add to their savings account easily. There are numerous online sites that will provide users with free example “money” that can be used to invest in theoretical stocks. This is a great training method that has no risk, but can be incredibly useful in teaching lessons about stocks. You may even want to take part in these yourself and set up a competition to see who can make the best theoretical picks.

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