Handling Debt Collection Phone Calls

How to Handle Debt Phone Calls

If you are late on a bill, or more than one bill, then you are probably beginning to receive collection calls from people who want payments from you. You may find yourself in the middle of what is essentially a recurring nightmare of callers who are absolutely insatiable and who will not go away. This does not have to be the case, however, because the FDCPA protects debtors from being harassed by creditors, especially when it comes to harassment via the telephone. Armed with your knowledge of the regulations and rules, and a plan of action, there is no reason why you cannot handle the calls before they overwhelm you.

The first step in the process is to decide whether or not you should answer the phone in the first place when your debt collectors do decide to come calling. If a collector has been trying to pursue you, you may find yourself reluctant to pick the phone up at first for a variety of reasons, or if you have already explained to the collector that you are doing your best but you are forced to have the same conversation over and over then you may feel frustrated and unproductive. Collectors can be overbearing, and as a result it can be easy for you to become overwhelmed and frustrated. You do not have to pick up the phone, but your caller ID and voice mail machine are not going to help you solve your debt, and if you want to get out under your debt you are going to need to be willing to talk to your creditors.

Learning how to handle creditor phone calls means that you need to have a script in order to have an effective conversation with your creditors. The most effective key is to have a plan figured out before you make any promises, so that you do not under deliver or over promise. You should never lose your temper, but you should also avoid tolerating any abuse. If you begin to feel overwhelmed at any point during a conversation with a creditor, seeking professional advice from a credit counseling may be a good avenue to take.

You are not the first person to be going through this, and other people have managed to get through their credit problems and debt collections. You will also get through it as well, but only if you have a plan that you can follow, and are patient and willing to work with your creditors. More often than not, if you are willing to work with your creditors, they will be willing to work with you, and this is well worth keeping in mind when your creditors phone you. If you show that you want to make things work, then they will be much more willing to work with you in most circumstances.

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