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Finding a Legitimate High Yield Investment

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Most people hear the words High Yield Investment Program, or the acronym HYIP, and many of them quiver. This is not completely unnatural, because high yield investments only come with high risks, and most HYIP opportunities are not even legitimate to begin with. There are simply too many people out there who want to take advantage of green investors, bilking them out of their hard earned money by misleading them into high yield investment programs that are far from legitimate.

Look for High Yielding Investments.

Because of these factors, along with numerous others, High Yield Investment programs have gained a notoriety that other types of investments can really only be envious of. This reputation has unfortunately dissuaded many serious investors from considering them, instead encouraging shadier elements of the financial marketplace to set up shop using them for profit. This is quite a pity, however, because High Yield Investments, when legitimate, can actually prove to be an extremely valuable tool when it comes to the generation of personal wealth. If you are an investor who is smart and discerning, you will actually find plenty of wonderful opportunities to increase your investment by a sizable amount of money.

Not all HYIP opportunities are scams, and there are plenty of opportunities for high yield investment that are plenty legitimate. Many of them have been utilized for years, and in this time have been able to create success stories out of ordinary, regular people. Everyday people have been able to take on these high risk, high reward investments, turning their investment portfolios into true success stories. There are two different types of High Yield Investment Programs, those that are legitimate and those that are not. The non-legitimate ones tend to have to do with investing in offshore trading companies with technicalities and rules that are shady at best. Avoid these at all costs. The other option is the transparent kind that involves investing in local, understandable and verifiable trades in shares, futures and gold for example.

Finding a successful, profitable High Yield Investment Program that is going to lead to your success, you should always look for the programs that put serious emphasis on transparency. You are going to want to know how the program is developing, and what you can expect to receive in returns. You are also going to want a tangible contact that you can connect with as needed, meaning that you will have a person that you can talk to whenever you need one, either over the phone or through e-mail.

If you find an HYIP that is promising too much, you absolutely must be wary. HYIPs do give higher returns than the normal rate, but if the ROI that you are being offered makes your eyes fall out of your skull, you’re probably looking at something bogus. There’s a big difference, after all, in providing good rates, or to good to be true rates.

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What Are Legitimate High Yield Investments?

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

In this day and age, everyone is hurting for money, and locating legitimate high yield investments is not easy. Aside from scams, another consideration that needs to be made is the potential return on any investments that you make. Despite the fact that there are many attractive investment opportunities available both online and off, the appealing returns that they promise on your investments are not always what you will actually end up with. When investing, you should fully investigate all investment opportunities to make sure that the legitimate high yield investment offer you respond to is actually what it claims to be.

What are legitimate high yield investments?

In any situation involving a high yield investment, there is always going to be a degree of risk regardless of whether it is recognized as a legitimate investment or not. It is recommended that you should only invest what you can afford to lose in any high risk high yield investing opportunity. All high yield investing opportunities are high risk in nature, meaning that if you find something that seems to good to be true based on a lack of apparent risk, you’re probably dealing with an investing opportunity that is only going to end up burning you in the end. If you end up investing a huge amount of your funds into a high risk high yield investing strategy, and you find out later that it is not a legitimate high yield investment, then you can end up in bankruptcy, or worse. Do not invest too much money until you know what you are dealing with, no matter how bright the results seem to be, because there is no telling what will happen as early as a few months down the line.

When it comes to investing in a legitimate high yield investment, there are two different basic approaches that you can take.

One is an active approach and the second is the passive approach.

The active approach involves researching the investment opportunity to find out who is collecting, who is managing and who is buying the returns. People who take the passive road give their money to someone else and wait for their money to be invested properly.

In other words, the difference between actively and passively investing in legitimate high yield investment options simply falls on whether you do your own research and investing, or if you trust your capital in the hands of an expert who has an investment opportunity to put your money into.

If you are not sure how to tell whether an investment opportunity with a high yield is legitimate or not, you may be better off trusting an expert. Most investment strategists have numerous clients with all kinds of different investing strategies. Because they work with so many different people, they have a better understanding in general of what investment opportunities are out there, and which do and do not pay the returns that they promise. Remember that playing it safe is always better than risking your money for a high yield investment and getting burnt in the end.

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