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What investments are you making?

Good morning readers and welcome to another edition of Loanio’s weekly roundup. Below you’ll find several great articles under the categories of small business, the economy, p2p lending, and investing. We hope you find them helpful and interesting.

The Economy:

  • Smart Money says Traders are Cautious After Mixed Economic Data.
  • Is business truly the business of business? Debates the Economist.
  • Kiplinger writes about Safe Havens in Real Estate.
  • Market Watch says Stocks struggle for stability.
  • NPR announces ‘Tis Not The Season For Retail Jobs.

Small Business:

  • NY Times on Small Business and the Economic Crisis.
  • FT has Doubts that small business will gain.
  • Arizona Republic says company owners explain how they are scrambling to fund operations.
  • The Chronicle Herald publishes these common sense key to success.
  • Brooklyn Daily News writes Grameen America lending women a hand with small business loans.

Peer-to-Peer Lending:

  • South Coast Today on Peer-to-peer lending: Weighing benefits, risks.
  • NPR writes Peer Lending Spreads In Tight Credit Market.
  • Denver Post says Help from friends boosts loan-challenged.
  • P2P Banking on P2P lending companies by loan volume
  • NetBanker in response to P2P Banking with Peer-to-Peer Lending Volumes Worldwide.
  • Propser Lending Review asks How might an Obama/Biden administration change p2p lending?


  • Learn the Stock Market and How to Trade on the Investing Market – 10 Better Things To Do With Your Money.
  • Learn a lesson — before you get one by Market Watch on 10 rules for stock market investing.

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