Loanio Roundup – The Economy, Small Business, Loans, and P2P Lending

The Economy, Small Business, Loans, and P2P Lending

Welcome to the fourth edition of Loanio’s roundup. There’s more on the peer to peer lending industry in this post with several links for small business entrepreneurs to check out as well. Browse through and make sure you’re up to date on all the financial information. Might want to grab a coffee first.

We hope the remainder of your weekend is great!

The Economy:

  • U.S. banks still aren’t lending says Business Week.
  • Wall Street Journal looks at global currencies, markets buffeted.
  • FT goes in-depth on the global financial crisis.
  • American Bankers writes in closing act, Wachovia lays bare extent of woe.
  • Forbes says fear will subside.
  • The Economist posts the financial crisis: into the storm.

Small Business:

  • P2P Lending is offered as a funding option for home business owners at Cash Paid Surveys.
  • Blogging Stocks posts Entrepreneur’s Journal: Can’t get a business loan? Try a credit union
  • Your Outsource Solutions blogs “Online Marketing Tools for Today’s Small Business” e-Book Release.
  • 24/7 Wall St. writes Google (GOOG) Earnings: A Perfect Proxy For Small Business.
  • CNN Money points to a sharp drop in business lending – again.

Peer-to-Peer Lending:

  • Top Ten Reviews says Peer to Peer Lending is the next internet craze.
  • The International Herald Tribune internet lending sites come under stress.
  • writes P2P Lending caught in credit crunch, pauses.
  • Maneo becomes first P2P Lending platform in Japan says Prosper Lending Review.
  • Lubbock Online features Peer-to-Peer Lending: beneficial for loaner, borrower, but also risky.
  • Champs Portals writes about hiccups in peer to peer lending start-ups.
  • New York Times asks is Peer-to-Peer Lending working for you?
  • Wall Street Journal says Peer-to-Peer Lending sites getting squeezed in credit crunch.

Loanio in the News:

  • Prosper Lending Review mentions us in Lending Club rapidly adding more states.
  • Southtown Star takes a look at Peer-to-Peer lending: Weighing benefits, risks.
  • A brief mention of Loanio in lending alternative hits hurdle by New York Times.
  • P2P Lender Prosper closes marketplace to lenders; Loanio unaffected for now writes Free Signal.
  • P2P Banking blogs Loanio says it won’t face registration process in near future.
  • A quick mention in Banking on Customers’ post what’s coming…

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