Loanio Roundup – Wall Street Crisis and the Resilient Dollar

The Resilient Dollar

Welcome to the second edition of the Loanio Roundup. This edition focuses heavily on the national economy and peer-to-peer lending news. We hope you enjoy pursuing through the links below. Leave a comment and tell us what you think – we’d love to hear your views on the Wall Street Crisis and National Bailout.

The National Economy:

  • McCain reshuffles rescue deal writes Wall Street Journal.
  • NPR asks is the financial storm about to break?
  • Business Week talks on the financial crisis: how to stop the panic.
  • Economist focuses on the resilient dollar especially on why the greenback has managed to so far withstand the financial panic.
  • NYT says ignoring reality has a price.

Career and Home:

  • CNN Money says jobless claims fall from 7-year high.
  • Yahoo! Money presents the How-to Guide: Buying Life Insurance.
  • Kiplinger talks about marriage and money.

Peer-to-Peer Lending and Loanio in the News:

  • FiLife writes new age borrowing: peer to peer loans.
  • My Card Blog posts Loanio launches person-to-person lending service.
  • American Banker writes Loanio P-to-P firm caters to subprime borrowers
  • Center Networks says peer-to-peer lender Loanio launches to help credit challenged people obtain loans.

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