Loanio Roundup – Credit and P2P Lending

Credit and P2P Lending

Welcome to the third edition of the Loanio Roundup. This edition looks at what is going on in P2P lending, the economy, and more. There are some links on college financing and a swift look at the auto industry. Browse the links below and tell us what you think. What are you most interested in hearing about? Have a good weekend!

The Economy:

  • Market Watch tells U.S. stocks slammed again; economic data come in bleak.
  • Business Week writes making Wall Street pay?
  • Kiplingers says heed the wake-up call.
  • New storm hits markets says FT. Is it too late?


  • Auto dealers wait for sales rebound says Orlando Business Journal.


  • Student Online Tips asks why the need to consolidate student loans?
  • Top Student Loans writes student loans – what you need to know about applying for student loans.
  • Scholarship Website talks all about student loans.
  • Geared Investor offers up reasons why you shouldn’t pay of student loans early.

Peer-to-Peer Lending:

  • Nice Words writes about the rise of peer-to-peer online lending.
  • New York Times talks about how in credit crisis, some turn to online peers for cash.
  • Wall Street Journal briefly mentions p2p lending in mortgage lending for sellers.
  • The Experience Economy discusses peer to peer: why P2P is better than capitalism an interview with Michel Bauwens.
  • Zopa shuts down US branch says Rate Ladder.
  • Making Money says he’s lending $1000 in The through p2p lender sites.

Loanio in the News:

  • US News says Credit Crunch? Your Move, Peer Lending
  • Loanio briefly mentioned in Finextra’s P2P lender Zopa reports soaring uptake as credit crunch bites
  • Banktech writes rolls out peer-to-peer lending platform.
  • Free Signal says just-launched P2P lender Loanio joins Finovate Conference Demo lineup.
  • Nuwire Investor posts Lowers the Risk in “High-Risk.”
  • Peer-to-peer lending: Weighing the benefits, risks of borrowing from strangers, friends by Yahoo! Finance.

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