Is Leasing an Auto a Good Option Right Now?

Should you lease a car?

With the current state of the economy and rising interest rates, many are considering leasing an auto instead of making an outright purchase or financing one. While there are a few benefits that can come through a leased vehicle, this is a decision that will require some careful thought and weighing of the pros and cons before leaping. This is particularly true if you have never leased a vehicle before. Let’s take a look at whether or not leasing is a good option right now.

First and foremost, the most important thing to consider about a lease is the fact that you will have a buyout price at the end of the lease period. Many people forget about this extra fee and at the end of a few years find out that they really aren’t in any position to purchase their car. Unless you have more than enough money saved up to pay that extra fee at the end of a lease term, this may not be a wise option.

Another common problem facing those that lease is the fact that once the lease is complete, you won’t have a vehicle to trade in unless you do decide to purchase the leased vehicle. While leasing is convenient, it is often very difficult to get another car, especially if your funds are limited. Unless you plan on leasing for many years to come, this is something that must be considered. Essentially you’ll be paying for two to three years on a car, but at the end of the term, you’ll have little to show for your efforts.

While the interest rates for leases are usually a bit lower, there are some extra fees that may be included that can reduce any potential savings dramatically. It is vital to read through a lease document completely before you sign it to ensure you understand how much you will be paying now, during the term of the lease and when it is over. You may be told that your lease payment will be a certain amount when you are shopping for the car, but in actuality, you’ll have to add in other fees on top of that initial quote and your payment can be affected. Dealers that are above board usually do not tack on extra fees, but it does pay to be cautious.

We’ve gone over quite a few negatives about the leasing process, but there are a few positives to consider as well. First and foremost, the monthly payments are usually quite a bit lower. Considering the state of the interest rate market at this time, this is usually a very attractive selling point for many car buyers. The warranties are usually a bit better on leased vehicles and you may even be able to take advantage of some tax benefits if you do decide to go this route. Leasing is not for everyone, but with careful management and a complete understanding of the terms, they may also be very beneficial.

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