Searching for a Legitimate High Yield Investment?

Flying high on investments? Avoid scams!

If you’re just getting started with investing, you’re probably searching high and low for a legitimate high yield investment to sink some money into and make lots of profits. Everyone wants to find those high yield investments so they can do the same thing. The biggest problem, of course, is that many other people know how to prey upon those looking for good investments. Scams abound on the Internet, ranging from simple pyramid schemes where you can lose a few hundred dollars or more complicated investment schemes that can cost you thousands.

One good way to figure out if a legitimate high yield investment is a scam is to really think about what you’re being told, and why. Read about the investment with an objective eye. Is the reason it’s such a good investment being explained thoroughly, or is it just a lot of hype and promises designed to get you to sign up? The old adage really does apply—a high yield investment that seems almost to good to be true, probably is too good to be true.

Be wary of the person or the company that’s introducing you to the investment. What’s in it for them? Are they selling you the information about the investment? Be wary. This is how many scammers make their money. They talk you into paying them for information, and once you get the information it usually proves useless—or explains that by giving them even more money, you’ll get even more information. . . avoid these types of pitches. If the investment they’re touting were really a legitimate high yield investment, they’d be making all their money off the investment and wouldn’t need to sell their “secrets” or “system” to you.

One of most common scams involves pyramid schemes. These plans always sound like legitimate high yield investments to people unfamiliar with how they work, and people have been known to sink thousands of dollars into these “investments” before they realized they were being scammed. It’s easy to recognize a pyramid scheme, though, because you’ll probably have to recruit people so sign up for the plan or program, and you’re promised profits off of them and everyone else they sign up. It sounds fine in theory, but the problem with pyramids are that there’s nothing of value being offered. You make money from them signing up—it’s a simple passing of cash—with those at the top making the most and those lower down finding it harder and harder to get people to sign up.

Also, anyone who claims to have a legitimate high yield investment for you and is promising that you’ll double your money or make dramatic profits very quickly is probably just selling something, something on which you’ll lose all your money.

The best way to research high yield investments is by keeping an eye on trends, and reading financial magazines, and online finance magazines like Forbes and The Motley Fool. You’ll get sound investing advice, free of the hype and the desire to sell you something.

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