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Do You Need a Money Manager?

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Money managers for many are necessary.

If your idea of organizing your finances is throwing a receipt in a big pile, you may want to consider the benefits of hiring a money manager. There is a new trend in the financial world where daily money managers are becoming very popular, and for many consumers, they are very necessary. Let’s take a look at what a daily money manager does and how they may be able to benefit your personal finances.

1. Organize paperwork and receipts.

When it comes to getting your paperwork in order, or keeping a record of all of your receipts, most of us end up failing miserably. Trying to track down little slips of paper is maddening at best, and for those of us with little time on our hands, the task of getting our paperwork organized is simply too much. We put it off and before long you end up with a slew of jumbled papers and you can’t find the one receipt you really need. A daily money manager will catalog all of your paperwork, filing it away and help you keep track of expenditures by organizing your receipts.

2. Paying bills on time.

If your schedule is hectic, or you simply aren’t good about dates, paying your bills on time can be a struggle. A daily money manager can be used to help you make sure that all of your deadlines are met, and that nothing is left unpaid by the end of the month. Once again, for those with a busy lifestyle or an inability to keep everything running smoothly, a daily money manager can be a true financial lifesaver.

3. Mediation.

A daily money manager does not replace an accountant or a lawyer, but they can assist in mediating between their clients and these professionals. For example, if you have filed a claim with an insurance agency, a money manager can assist you in handling the communication with the agency and getting all of your necessary documents together. The vast majority of daily money managers are trained and have backgrounds that include legal, financial, and insurance expertise.

4. Day to Day Basics.

For many of us, the devil is in the daily basics of keeping our finances ordered. Instead of letting things get out of hand for months at a time, a daily money manager can offer assistance in keeping checkbooks balanced, paperwork accounted for and everything you need to have handled in your personal finance life done.

As we get busier as a society, it is clear that there is a definite need for daily money managers. If you do decide to hire a daily money manager to help manage your finances, there are a few things to consider ahead of time. First, you will need to make sure that they are accredited and licensed. This professional will have access to your documents and it is vital to ensure that you can trust them. Look for a major national firm or someone in your local community that you can rely on.

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