Traditional Magazines vs. Online Magazines

Traditional vs. Modern

While many people subscribe to a variety of financially-oriented magazines to keep abreast of the latest economic happenings, others find that online finance magazines are a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest financial news, all with just a click of the mouse.

Online finance magazines have advantages over traditionally published monthly or weekly magazines, as well as some drawbacks. The chief drawback is that the information is never quite as in depth as it is in a traditional magazine. Most of the websites like Forbes and Kiplinger’s are designed to get more subscribers to their traditional magazine. So of course they can’t provide everything on the website that they do in the magazine—there’s little incentive to pay for something when you’re already getting it free.

Also, most online finance magazines, and almost any kind of article or magazine these days, are filled with advertising. Yes, traditional magazines are supported by advertising, too, that’s an important part of what makes a magazine successful. But typically in online magazines you’ll have to read an article over several pages, each filled with more and more advertising. Even small articles are often split up so that you have to click through 3 and 4 ad-filled pages to read the entire thing.

But where online finance magazines have an edge over traditionally published magazines is the ability to change the information fast. While the article in your latest copy of Inc. probably contains great general information, any new happenings in the markets or the economic state of the country or the world will have to wait until the next issue is published.

The online finance magazines, however, will jump on that news and can have great information up on their websites almost immediately. Did the stocks jump 300 points, or fall 500 just yesterday? You can’t get that kind of up-to-date news and information from a traditional magazine, only the dynamic and constantly changing properties of the web allow for that fast information assimilation. And when it comes to your finances and investments, the latest information is often the most valuable.

Aside from the online finance magazines already mentioned, other great resources are Worth, Smart Money, Money and magazines like BusinessWeek and Barron’s. All these sources are filled with great up-to-date information about investments and the markets, among other important financial topics.

Probably the key to managing your finances as well as possible, especially in these shaky economic times, is to use a three-pronged approach. Read books about financial subjects for the broadest information, read some of the top traditional magazines like Forbes and Money to get more focused articles about specific topics that are on people’s minds today, and regularly visit their websites so that you’re getting the very latest news on the financial markets and the state of the economy. The general information combined with the best news and advice from the online finance magazines can help you expertly manage your financial affairs.

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