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Welcome to the Loanio Blog!

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Now that we are deep into the first 24 hours of going live, I would like to take a moment to officially kick off the Loanio Blog. For more about our official launch, please click here to view our first press release.

The week leading up to this launch has been a wonderful time for me and my family. My son just turned one, I won $1,000 in the New York State lottery, the Jewish New Year began, and now Loanio has finally launched! However, the week also continued with lots of uncertainty about the future health of U.S. financial markets and economy. I for one am quite confident that things will eventually get back on track, but I believe we have a long road ahead of us. With that said, I suppose you could argue that it is either the best of times to introduce a new “alternative” lending and borrowing platform-like Loanio-or the worst of times. We are passionate about the former and we hope you are too.

At this time, I wish to thank everyone who has been supporting this project from day one. The development of this website has been a very long, complex, and winding journey-it simply would not have been possible without them.

I am extremely excited and bullish on the future that is ahead for Loanio and the rest of the peer to peer lending community. I invite you to join us toward the goal of bringing these great alternative borrowing and lending vehicles to everyone.

Michael Solomon
CEO and Founder